Your projects and ideas come to life with ddm ingeniería.

ddm ingeniería gets involved in all of its projects, participating throughout the whole process while guaranteeing both client participation and customized projects.

We listen to your needs, customizing the project based on your company’s requirements and specifications. We ensure high quality and excellent customer service.

ddm ingeniería, is a reliable supplier, who collaborates with clients in all aspects of their project; from performing requirement analyses, to designing and developing ideas and projects as well as completing the manufacturing and assembly of the final product. We cater to your company’s needs, providing guidance in customized project and solutions for process and production improvements.


  • Analizing client needs
  • Product design
  • Prototype development
  • Product research and industrialization
  • Control system validation and start-up
  • Product validation and standardization
  • Client follow-up and continued improvement