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Our history.

2013. A year for challenges.

2012. A year of applications. ddm grupo was dedicated to the realization of several technically innovative projects with the goal of improving productivity and reaching new sectors. In 2012, these projects have become a reality. New products for the packaging industry, an automated production cell for mold and tool manufacturing and the new direct action robot series are just a few of ddm’s achievements for 2012.

2008. ddm ingeniería, s.l. was created as a R&D center in order to complement ddm’s product and services portfolio.

2003. The company decided to diversify its product and service portfolio. ddm grupo is formed as the corporate identity of ddm moldes, s.l., the mold and tool manufacturing and maintenance unit, and ddm plastic, s.l., the plastic injection unit. The aim was to offer integral market solutions for current and future clients.

1990s. Near the end of the 1990s, José Antonio’s sons joined the company. Bruno, Technical Director at ddm moldes, is currently in charge of the mold and tool manufacturing side of the business whereas Eduardo now excels as the Production Manager on the plastic compression and injection side.

1988. José Antonio Pacios established Diseño y Desarrollo de Matricería, s.l. as a tool manufacturing company, providing clients with small and large molds for the plastic injection industry. Since its beginnings, ddm has focused its efforts in satisfying market needs and going above and beyond client expectations. As a result of its great dedication and its innovative disposition, ddm’s business volume grew constantly.